Just when you thought you heard it all, the internet detectives have come through with an intriguing new theory. By now, you might be familiar with 6ix9ine's upcoming jam "FEFE," which sounds like his most stylistically diverse offering thus far. In that sense, it may be exactly what the rainbow-haired rapper needs, if he has any intention on building any serious longevity. After all, antics can only take you so far. The music is what lays the foundation. Luckily, 6ix9ine's forthcoming single may very well be his best look to date, and if this latest theory proves sound, perhaps his biggest as well.

Complex has gathered evidence pointing to the inclusion of Nicki Minaj, as deduced by the finest internet gumshoes. Exhibit A is a high pitched ad-lib on "FEFE," as voiced by a female subject. On its own, the ad-lib doesn't carry much weight. Yet it does share a striking similarity to Nicki's lead-off ad-lib on Lil Wayne collaboration, "Rich Sex." Peep the side by side comparison below. Not only that, but TMZ has also claimed that 6ix9ine needed a rush on his new "My Little Pony" chain for a music video shoot with Nicki Minaj.

What do ya'll think? Is the evidence strong enough to confirm, or nah? And if so, do you think a Nicki Minaj feature will bring this one to the next level, or should 6ix9ine have space to shine on his own? Either way, we won't have to wait much longer to find out.