Last week, Kodak Black turned down a plea deal of 8 years in prison, offered by the state of Florida in exchange for a guilty plea for allegations of probation violation as well as battery against a strip club bartender. On Friday, the judge heard testimonies from Kodak, the bartender who is accusing him of assault, as well as another bartender from the same club -- who contradicted her colleague's accusations against the "Tunnel Vision" rapper. 

During last week's proceedings, Kodak's probation officer, Sandy Friedman, revealed that the Atlantic Records signee violated his probation by not completing his court-ordered anger management class. On Friday, his anger management counselor, Ramona Sanchez, said that Kodak disrupted a group session by repeatedly burping, reports the Sun Sentinel

Sanchez said that Kodak refused to leave the class when she ordered him to, and she also claimed that he grabbed her arm as well as her phone after she threatened to call police. 

Kodak has been on probation and house arrest since last August, and he went to jail in February when he was accused of making two unauthorized appearances, at a boxing match -- when he walked out with Adrien Broner -- and at a Miami strip club. 

Kodak admitted to visiting the strip club during his testimony on Friday. The judge forced him to give a definitive answer after he had originally tried to plead the fifth. 

That strip club visit has also led to a battery charge against the 19-year-old rapper. Jennifer Cunningham, a bartender at the club, also gave her testimony on Friday, claiming that Kodak approached her belligerently and proceeder to punch and kick her. 

In perhaps the most surprising of Friday's testimonies, Tonya Durham, another bartender from the same club, was brought to the stand, and she refuted Cunningham's account of being assaulted by Kodak. In fact, she recalled that it was Cunningham who "got up in his face." 

“She said, ‘You probably didn’t see it, but he mushed my face,’” said Durham, recounting a conversation she had with Cunningham the morning after the alleged assault. “I said ‘no, he didn’t.’ None of that happened.” Durham also confirmed that she was not being paid by Kodak or anyone affiliated with the defense for her testimony. 

Kodak's lawyers argued that their client was "working" during his appearances at both the boxing match and the strip club. Defense witnesses said they tried -- but ultimately failed -- to tell Kodak's probation officer about both appearances. 

The hearing will continue -- and possibly end -- on Wednesday. Depending on the judge's decision, Kodak could be released from prison -- with ongoing probation -- or be kept there for up to 8 years. 

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