Just a week after Cardi B explained what she deemed to be a racist encounter when she arrived at an airport in Australia, Amine has also revealed that he experienced racism at a Brisbane Go-Karting spot in the country, taking to his Instagram stories to upload a photo of the establishment, writing, "If you live in Brisbane do not go here or give them business. They are racist and threatened to 'break out phones'."

In the post, he tagged the Slideways Go-Karting facility.

Image via Imgur

Last week, it was while going through the Sydney airport that Cardi B encountered paparazzi in which one man followed the rapper, telling her to remove the blanket that was covering her head, saying, "It's our rules. Not yours, buddy."

"It's like, what is your rules? What are you talking about?," Cardi recounted in an Instagram Live session. "Like, my n---a, do I look like a little f--king slave to you? Do I look like a fucking slave to you or something? That's how y'all see people? That's how y'all see colored people or something, that you guys say foul shit like that...that shit got me so f--king mad. That s--t don't sit well with me, like, it just made me think like, yo, I just want to go home."