Last night, Amber Rose seemingly went off on Tyga and Beyonce with a series of inflammatory tweets. The first one takes aim at Tyga, straight up calling his post-Blac-Chyna catalog trash. The second hits Beyonce, with Amber claiming that "Becky with the good hair" was her all along. On the surface, both tweets are definite fightin' words.

An hour later, however, Amber responded with a video claiming she suffered from a Twitter hack. There's even a cameo from Charlamagne That God, who pops up to confirm that hack or no hack, Tyga's music is indeed trash. While a hack does explain the random shade, Amber's coy delivery certainly raises some questions. Also, she neglected to delete the tweets, and as of right now they're still sitting at the top of her Twitter page. Usually people getting hacked are quick to purge all evidence from their pages. 

Can a woman known for her iconic bald look really be "Becky with the good hair?" I guess we'll never know.