When Amber Rose isn't posing naked in the sun with a fur coat or playing with her pet snake she's going through archived photos from the early 2000s. Her latest share to Instagram proves the last point to be true since Amber shared a vintage photo from 2009 with her and Rihanna. As seen below, the photo shows a very youthful Amber and Riri who, at one point, were pretty good friends. 

It's safe to say the two may be on good terms now, but there was one moment when Riri sent of some tweets that were seemingly aimed at Amber. In 2009 Chris Brown brutally attacked Rihanna and a few years later Amber was supposedly grinding on him at a club. "But she just broke up with Wiz now she with my ex n***a?" Rihanna tweeted at the time, adding: "Ratchet & unfaithful."

A lot has changed in almost 10 years which makes us confident that the two are now civil. 

Speaking of Wiz Khalifa, he and Amber share a son together and seem to be co-parenting successfully with Amber only sharing kind words about Wiz's girlfriend, Winnie Harlow. "I think she’s a fucking sweetheart and you know, I love my ex-husband in a way where … it’s you know, he’s my best friend,” she said.

"I think Winnie is so cool and also as a parent, it’s like, if Winnie is at the house, I know that she’s going to be so nice to my son and that’s so important to me instead of having a person that’s like not good to your baby."