Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are still going strong and we think it's safe to say they are on the top five list of couple goals. Jennifer was recently asked about her plans with A-Rod when it comes to marriage and making things official. 

"I've made plenty of mistakes in my past and ... we're mature now. We're grown-ups and we're going to take our time and we're going to do things at our own pace," she said. "And our life right now is incredibly wonderful. Between our kids and our work, we're truly blessed. We don't need anything more right now." Entertainment Tonightrecently caught up with Alex where he responded to her comments simply calling her "the Queen."

"We're raising our children... there's four of them, and that's what we strive to do every day," he added. "For us, it's all about the kids." 

Their bond is quite strong as we recently posted about Jennifer's ex, Marc Anthony, and Alex all smiling wide in a recent photo for Jennifer's daughter's dance recital. "Familia Primero," J Lo called the occasion - check out the very mature photos here.

"We just had an awesome, awesome time watching the three little girls," Alex said of the photo. "Maybe that's the new way of families... I came from a broken home, and I think it's super important for your parents to stick together."