We've followed Jennifer's romantic journey for years. Her dating life is low-key notorious and mostly star-studded. It includes her relationship with Diddy, another with Ben Affleck and her marriage with Marc Anthony. She's actually been blessed with three whole marriages. Finally, she might have found lasting companionship with her latest boo, Alex Rodriguez. The two seem to be playful and don't appear to shy away from showing admiration for each other.

Today, photos surfaced on Instagram displaying Jlo with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, her daughter, along with her new love. The family got together for the kid's dance recital.

It is the epitome of what healthy a co-parenting relationship might look like. The three are showing parents of blended families how getting together could conjure up smiles. We aren't inside this actual relationship, so we can't attest to the extent of this attitude. Either way, they are at the very least putting on a brave face for their children, which is admirable in itself. 

Overall, the triple-threat seems happy. She still works on her fitness and flaunts her beautiful physique on the gram. Rodriguez also joins in on the fun. You can watch the two putting in work together here. A couple that sweats together...well, we'll see. Her latest single featuring Dj Khaled and Cardi B is also available for your entertainment. Check it!