Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, & DJ Khaled Star In Luxurious "Dinero" Video

Matthew Parizot
May 24, 2018 09:36

Jennifer Lopez celebrates her wealth in "Dinero."

As a society, we've always been fascinated by the lives of the incredibly wealthy. Most of us will never see the inside of a mansion, but music videos like Jennifer Lopez's "Dinero," grant us an exaggerated view into what could be possible with an obscene amount of money. 

While not as over the top as something like Migos' "Versace" video or pretty much any Birdman video, Lopez's vision is classier, and with a hostile tinge granted by the monochromatic color scheme of the video. While those videos were celebrations of wealth already obtained, Lopez instead chooses the scant pleasures afforded to someone who has yet to be satisfied with their winnings. 

Lopez struts with purpose through the halls of her mansion, occasionally taking the time to bowl with a diamond-encrusted ball, toss away a rack of ribs she was barbecuing, or show off her pet ostrich. Most of these activities are done while wearing only lingerie, because once you're rich enough you don't even need to wear clothes anymore.

Cardi B follows suit when she makes her appearance, leading to a clever moment where she and J. Lo are both sitting in bed reading the issues of Time magazine that feature each other on the cover. DJ Khaled spends most of his time walking in the hallways by himself, screaming ad-libs like "more money!" to no one in particular, a statement on the isolating aspect of wealth and fame.

Check out Jennifer Lopez's lavish "Dinero" video above. 

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