There was much to be taken from the most recent episode of Red Table Talk as Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Norris answered questions from fans as truthfully as they could. One person wanted to know if Jordyn Woods ever sat down for a lie detector test to help solve the mystery of whether or not she had sex with Tristan Thompson. Jordyn did hook herself up to a machine to deny that she'd slept with the basketball star who is also the ex to Khloé Kardashian, and Jordyn "passed with flying colors."

Presley Ann/Getty Images

Reflecting on the episode, and the media circus that surrounded the scandal, Adrienne had quite a bit to say. Without outright naming the Kardashians or Jenners, Adrienne insinuated that the famous family may have been spinning tall tales in the media. "I'm so glad that [Jordyn] did that," Adrienne said. "The thing that is so important to me... I don't wanna blame it on social media or anything like that, but I do want to say that people passed judgment when they don't have all the information. People get a little bit of that and just run with it and what I'm so happy about or proud of Jordyn is that she was able to take something that could've been disastrous because this could have destroyed her reputation and her career. She didn't allow that to happen. She came in and she [told the story]."

"'Cause what happens is you get her story, their story, and then there's the truth," Adrienne continued. "So what we hope is that in some point in time, the whole truth actually comes out, because there we a lot of untruths that were put out there." It was at this point that Jada and her mother exchanged knowing glances as if they're aware of something that the audience is not.

Carefully choosing her words, Adrienne continued. "One of them was about the fact that there wasn't an apology from Jordyn. From the text messages that I saw, that that is not necessarily the case. So, don't be editing this out of the show, 'cause that's important." Jada told her that she understood and Adrienne let it be known that she would hit up the editing team on her own if she had to. "I'm just saying, if we're gonna talk about it, then let's be honest." Watch the episode in full below.