Adam Levine let the world know that he is deeply sorry for getting distracted by his sound issues and delivering a lackluster performance during Maroon 5's televised set at the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile as a result. The band's frontman infuriated plenty of their Chilean fans for appearing to be totally reluctant to perform at the televised festival on Thursday, one of the biggest, most beloved events in Chile.

Things got even worse after footage leaked of Adam angrily yelling, "That was a TV show... that was not a concert!"

Adam decided to address the situation by offering his sincerest apologies in a series of videos on his Instagram story. He explained that he was having "sonic" issues and asked his fans to understand where he was coming from. "Last night we had a show at the Viña del Mar Festival, which is one of the most prestigious, amazing things that you can do in Chile, it's like a rite of passage when you're coming through here," the musician explained. "And, especially being an American band, to come here, that's very rarefied air. So firstly, thank you guys for having us, that's number one."

Adam Levine Maroon 5 Chile apology disappointing show performance Viña del Mar Festival fansJAVIER TORRES/AFP via Getty Images

"I'd really like to address reactions to the concert, and kind of explain myself, because I feel like you guys deserve that," he said. "You know, being in a band, you play a lot of shows, and I am so passionate and excited about concerts, and about being my best and about the band being our best, and being our best for you guys, honestly, you know, performing I take so seriously. Sometimes too seriously. And to be totally frank, there were some things holding me back sonically last night, and I let them get to me, and it impacted how I was behaving on stage, which was unprofessional and I apologize for that."

Adam Levine Maroon 5 Chile apology disappointing show performance Viña del Mar Festival fansJAVIER TORRES/AFP via Getty Images

"Once again, as I said, it's always in the interest of being my best, and representing the band in the best way. Sometimes when those sonic problems take place, I zero in and focus as much as I can on singing, because I feel like that'll be the best way to put this thing out on TV for 60 million people, which is what that show was last night. I wanted to sound good, number one, and I wanted to look good and feel good, number two. Because if it doesn't sound good, then you know, what's the point? I struggled a lot. And sometimes it's really hard for me to mask the struggle, and so in that, I did let you guys down and I apologize."

Adam emphasized once again just how much he and the band love their Chilean fans and appreciate their support. "It's one show of many," he said. "Coming to South America to perform is one of our favourite things to do, we always talk about how it's just the greatest time when we tour down here... We absolutely adore our Chilean fans, we absolutely love coming here, and you know, last night wasn't our best. And for that, all I can say is I'm really sorry."