Adam Levine's been off the radar for a bit now and he's seemingly very aware of the latter since he drastically changed his appearance sparking lots of commentary on his new look. The 40-year-old "Girls Like You" singer opted to shave the sides of his head, just leaving a landing strip of hair at the top. Adam took things to another level when he died his remaining hair blonde and got cornrows. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Adam debuted his new look on Instagram yesterday and uploaded a video of him doing pushups but it's safe to say everyone was focused on his hair more than his fitness ways. "You know, the one good thing you could say about Adam Levine was, well, at least he's an attractive man with normal good hair. Well, that time is over now," one Twitter user wrote in response to the change

"Adam Levine’s new hair just told me its favorite bands are ICP and Hollywood Undead," another user wrote

Adam has yet to respond or provide a reason for his bold hair move and while we don't think he will peep a round-up of reactions to his hair below.