Old buddies Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y just dropped off "Uber Driver" and announced an upcoming project titled #2009, the year when they released their first joint mixtape How Fly? Wiz has come a long way since then, now one of the industry's biggest rap stars, and Curren$y has kept it underground, though continuing to add prestige to his name with each release. 

Both rappers have been criticized for their one-dimensional content, but it's a dimension you can't understand unless you're smoking the type of paper planes Wiz and Spitta always have on standby. Once the marijuana's ignited, these two can channel a chemistry that inspires endless creativity. Years have passed, and both men have gone different directions in their individual careers, though as soon as they pair up, and light up, it's back to day one. A lot's changed, but one thing's always gonna stay the same... *lighter flick*

We've put together a history of Wiz & Spitta collabs. Let us know your favorites, and tell us what you're looking forward to on #2009.