There are plenty of artists who collaborate, but more often than not, it's for a stand-alone track. They may unite in the studio on a single or even just send a verse without ever meeting up in person. It's all done in the hopes of creating the next chart-topping hit, but sometimes in the process, true friendships—and longtime collaborations—are formed.

Whether they're scheming to cook up a joint project or just keeping a heap of tracks on deck, A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Lil Uzi Vert are two rappers who apparently have quite a few gems in the vault. In a sit-down with Interview Magazine recently, A Boogie shared that out of the 10 songs that he and Uzi created together, he only kept about half of them. Yet, that wasn't the extent of their collaboration, as he also told Billboard in an interview shared on Thursday that they finished yet another song.

"We just made another joint the other day," he told the publication. "Some fire sh*t the other day. I think it was yesterday, actually. I can't remember really. I'm about to link up with this n*gga after this sh*t." A Boogie also said that his friendship with Uzi is true which makes for crafting sincere music.

"It's the same thing that me and every other artist I get along with got: It's that real genuine sh*t when you link up with an artist," A Boogie said of why he and Uzi have a strong bond. "F*ck the cameras. When it's off-cameras, that's when it's real. You don't gotta see the love on video. This sh*t is real life. This sh*t we talking about is our real thoughts and sh*t. We be talking about sh*t that we go through. N*ggas don't understand sh*t."