The FDNY Foundation and Canada Goose have linked up to produce a limited-edition fundraiser jacket, which is set to hit retailers this Friday. This news has left People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA for short, a little irate, since the popular winter parka label has been charged with animal abuse claims. 

The organization first admitted to having convinced FDNY chairman Steve Ruzow to disavow his support of the collaboration after informing him of the brand’s unethical ways. “Although the FDNY Foundation’s contract with Canada Goose prohibits it from stopping the jackets’ release, the FDNY will not be promoting the coats or the partnership,” PETA reveals in a press release. “The chair of the FDNY Foundation reviewed damning video footage and other information and confirmed to PETA that the FDNY will never work with Canada Goose again.”

However, Ruzow is denying he ever made such assertions to the organization. “The statement released by PETA earlier today is a false narrative, filled with misinformation that we feel compelled to publicly correct. To be clear, we are incredibly proud of our partnership with Canada Goose and our limited-edition collaboration jacket, The Bravest Coat.”

Ashley Byrne, a representative for the outspoken organization, asserts that “our statement is accurate. I don’t know what sort of pressure might have come from Canada Goose regarding their contract, but I know what was discussed in our call.”

This collaboration will feature an extremely limited 400-coat run, and will cost about $695. The piece of outerwear is meant to resemble what The Bravest wear while combatting fires, and features no feathers or fur, according to Ruzow. 

The funds raised from the jacket will go towards fire-safety education, as well as setting up carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in neighborhoods prone to fires.