Is Cardi B Collaborating With Beyoncé On An Upcoming Song?

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Cardi B's engineer Michael Ashby teased the potential link-up.

Once you become one of the best, in the eyes of your industry peers, it's only a matter of time before you start working with the best.

At least that's what's happening to Cardi B. It's no secret that her unprecedented success with the single "Bodak Yellow" has opened a considerable amount of doors for her within the music industry. The rumors about who she's collaborating with on her next music project(s) have been ratcheted up in intensity over the past few days, but nothing could've prepared fans and/or detractors for the news that Cardi's engineer, Michael Ashby, shared via his Instagram story.

According to Ashby, there may in fact be a Cardi B and Beyoncé teaming on a future track from the young female rapper. Stating that "this feature is big," Ashby is certainly predicting a monstrous musical return for Cardi in the near future. There's no telling is this is the only potential collaboration between Cardi and Queen B that looms on the horizon, but if the "Bodak" songstress was able to nab one of the greatest female artists of all time as a feature, then who knows who else she hooked for some studio work as well. Start making those wish lists folks - I think Cardi is gearing up for some very high-profile releases before it's all said and done.

Despite this news, the weekend wasn't exactly a great one for Cardi B and those who count themselves as part of her entourage. She was kicked out of an Albany hotel early Sunday morning after there were multiple complaints about excessive noise. On her way out, she called at least one of the hotel employees racist, a claim that she's since stood by in social media follow-ups. That incident may have been fueled by residual emotions that stemmed from her sudden breakup with rapper boyfriend Offset. However, that uncoupling was shortlived, as she has since backpedaled and stated that she "overreacted." One thing is for sure:  music or otherwise, there's never a dull moment in the life of Cardi B.

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Is Cardi B Collaborating With Beyoncé On An Upcoming Song?
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