Offset is arguably the freshest out of the Migos. The rapper has his own style and is arguably the most experimental fashion-wise, out of the group. The fashion genes are probably hereditary too. Earlier in the month, kids went back to school. One of the best parts of starting school is flexing the new gear you just copped. Hypebeast followed Offset while he brought his daughter back to school shopping, where he explains the amount he spent at the Gucci store, his high school fashion choices and more.  

Offset’s been really getting attention for his fashion choices recently, even being a highlight at New York Fashion Week, along with his girlfriend, Cardi B. While catching up with Hypebeast, the rapper tells them that he’s been really heavy into Gucci lately. He mentions that he’s been going so Gucci crazy that they’ve been trying to get him a discount. “The lady said she was going to try and get me a 30% [discount], some type of situation. Because I spent 100 grand at Gucci in 2017,” he says.

In his interview with Hypebeast, he says that he won Best Dressed in his senior year of high school. While many try to compete to look the best in high school, Offset’s been focused on that for quite some time. “Clothes’ always been my main thing, I use to go to school just to be fresh,” he says. In all honesty, it’s not that surprising considering there’s a lot of kids, and many fashion icons, would admit the same. 

He goes on to mention the repercussions that occurred if you were seen at his high school with a pair of fake Jordan’s on your feet.

“You can’t come into the cafeteria with fake J’s on. If you came in the cafeteria [with fake J’s] everybody knew what was happenin’. They’d jump on the table and point at your shoes,” he tells them.

Aside from his own parts in the video, it’s clear that he’s been helping develop his daughters taste in fashion. Throughout the video, Offset gives his daughter options on stuff that she’s into. At such a young age, she’s bound to be the best dressed throughout her formative years. 

Watch the video below: