Cardi B Announces Break Up With Offset, Later Backpedals

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"The Bronx girl in me always have to go to the extreme."

Cardi B nearly broke the hearts of many last night, including her boyfriend Offset. The Bronx rapper caused a stir on social media after she posted a selfie with the caption "SINGLE" Saturday night, implying she and her Migos boyfriend, who have been dating for the last few months, had called it quits. She also shared an Instagram photo of herself throwing up the peace sign and a message of "Don't get used" on Snapchat.

Twitter users who were rooting for the couple immediately started to freak out (many of whom were still reeling from Lil B getting attacked at Rolling Out festival).

Only a few hours later, Cardi shared a message with fans, revealing that her posts were an overreaction. "So listen babes, I exaggerated a lil bit earlier cause I was really upset and the Bronx girl in me always have to go to the extreme. I came to me sense now. I'm sorry ...waffle house on me?" she wrote, posting a picture of Offset on Snapchat.

Fans had all kinds of theories regarding the cause of the fight between the couple from Cardi's ex getting out of prison, to another woman in Offset's life. Nothing was confirmed by either party, but fans were happy to let it go as soon as they knew things were good between the two again.

Though they've reconciled, Cardi did seem to leave Offset with a warning in one final Instagram post: "Sometimes you gotta do shit the OLD you would do. so mfers know not o play with the NEW you."

As far as music goes, Cardi and Offset are expected to collaborate on Migos' upcoming album CULTURE II, as Quavo revealed in September. The album is still without a release date, but could be coming as soon as this month.

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