Ahead of the weekend rush of new music that is sure to be headed our way, Eric Bellinger has decided to beat the traffic with a slow-paced offering, coughing up a 5-track project entitled “Meditation Music.” While the title and artwork may seem pretty self-explanatory, ethereal production that could easily accompany your daily mindfulness exercises are laced with the crooner’s romantically-inclined vocals and wordplay as the opening track boasts lines like, “If I pull up, I’ma take it down for sure/Start off on your neck, lick it off for the culture.”

You’ll find one feature on the previously-released “Frequency” with an appearance from frequent collaborators and singer-songwriter duo Blaq Tuxedo. The remainder of the track list keeps things in theme as listeners are greeted with the songs “Chakras,” “Hours,” and “Massage.” If you’re in the mood for a retreat, let “Meditation Music” be the guide.