Gucci Mane dropped his autobiography just last week that details the moment he stepped on this earth to the success and triumphs that he’s known for.

Playboi Carti ain’t there with the autobiography yet as he’s still a little fresh in the scene, but when the two come together and they both bring equal parts to the table in terms of being the “new guard” and the “old guard,” it turns into a conversation that gives true insight to what Hip Hop is right now. 

In the latest joint interview with the two Atlanta rappers, Gucci gets right to it talking about young rappers and how “youth means learning,” adding that “it’s a time in life when you’re taking in a lot of information and finding yourself. With music, I feel like youth is the most important generation; it’s what pushes everything forward. Every new generation gets more creative and smart. The old guard, we’ve been doing it for so long we kind of get stuck in our ways, but the younger generation they’re willing to just try stuff.”

He then talks how much these young artists, Playboi Carti being the perfect example, fuel his energy to keep pushing as a rapper who has had his time on the scene.

“I feed off of the energy of young artists. It takes me back to the time when I was trying to get in the game, trying to get heard and just trying to build a fan base,” he tells Highsnobiety. “Sometimes it’s hard for me to feel the same hunger, but if I keep them around me, they’re so eager and they’re ready to make their next home run record. It makes me want to be in the studio, it makes me want to perform. I just feed off the energy. They keep me going.

Playboi follows up Gucci’s answer saying he’s “all ears” anytime he’s around an OG rapper because they can teach you things about gettin’ it and what mistakes not make.

The “Both” rapper and the “Magnolia” rapper continue to go on about how Atlanta will always be the music making city, even though they are now based in Miami and LA. 

“I live in LA now but as soon as I go home I make my own tapes. That’s where everything started, so there’s really nothing like home,” Playboi says.

Gucci tops things off by sharing his opinion on the future of Hip Hip saying the community holds “some of the most creative minds in the world so it can only grow from here.”

“Atlanta in particular is just a mecca for the culture,” he adds. “That’s where all the great minds are because there are so many colleges there. All these kids from all over come and they go to all the schools down there. That’s where all the producers and the photographers and the writers meet. They provide the soundtracks to what we’re rapping about.”

If there’s anything taken from this interview, it’s that Gucci is one hell of a man and Playboi is in the right hands. 

HNHH recently reported that Playboi is set to appear on Rich The Kid’s debut album, while Gucci wants to go independent so he can release more music frequently. 

Gucci & Playboi

Gucci Mane & Playboi Carti Discuss Merits Of Youth Vs OGs