Fortnite is one of the most popular and addicting games out right now. The battle royale styled game allows players to airdrop onto a map with 100 other players, and fight for survival. Although Fornite was already ridiculously popular among gamers, when Drake and Travis Scott teamed up with world renown streamer Ninja to broadcast their games through Twitch the hip-hop community overwhelmingly began hopping on the Fortnite train. 

Now, game developer and publisher Epic Games is offering gamers an interactive way to add their own personalities to Fortnite. Players can now upload their favorite dance moves online with the hashtag #boogiedown. According to Epic’s website, the Fortnite team will judge all uploaded dances by three categories: Fun, Originality, and Creativity. Then, the team will announce 100 winners. There will be one Grand Prize winner, and several other mini-awards given to the most popular participants’ dances. The grand prize winner’s dance will be turned into an emote that all players will be able to use. Gamers have until April 10 to upload their favorite dance moves to many social media platform including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Most of Fortnite’s current celebratory dance moves are based on real-life moves that have either been seen in movies, television, or are trending in the culture. Make sure not to upload a dance move that is already in the game, and join the competition!