Fat Trel has been released from jail, according to new Instagram posts from the D.C. rapper. “FINALLY FREE!” Trel wrote in a post Sunday, sharing a photo confirming he’s no longer serving time. The details of the rapper’s sentencing are not available, but likely stem from two arrests in March and April of 2016. Trel was arrested for using counterfeit money at a Maryland casino and two weeks later on charges of DWI & Narcotics Distribution In Arlington, Virginia. At the time Trel laughed off the counterfeiting charges on Twitter? “AN ATM ?I DONT EVEN OWN A BANK CARD,” he wrote. “PICTURE BIG GLEETCHIE AT A ATM…1st & LASTER RESPONSE 2 DA BULLSHYT!!!


In February, Trel revealed that he was serving time at the Correctional Treatment Facility in D.C., sharing both a mailing address and a message to fans in an Instagram post. “What it do, man. It’s the kid Fat Trel still holding it down for the real n—as in the struggle,” he said. “Trouble don’t last always, only tough n—as do, ya heard me. I’ll be back real soon, man. It’s still Slutty Boyz ’til I die. MMG, y’all already know what the fuck it do, man. Shout out to the whole squad, man. I’ll be back, man. Gang.” In June, he shared a separate mailing address, indicating that he was no being held at the Arlington detention center in Arlington, Virginia.

Fat Trel released a joint tape with fellow MMG signee YOWDA in January. Prior to that, he dropped his mixtape SDMG2 in June of 2016. Trel has yet to release his debut album on MMG. Given his prolific output prior to his arrests, it’s likely he will release some new music soon.