The gossip hot stove was turned up to its highest possible heat setting on Friday when the news came from TMZ that Kylie Jenner was pregnant. The budding business woman, whose cosmetics line has a market valuation that belies her young age, supposedly let the secret slip to some friends earlier this month during the Day N Night music festival that went down in Anaheim, CA. Travis Scott, Kylie’s current boyfriend, has not been confirmed as the father as of yet, but sources told the gossip outlet that he’s also been dropping the news on some of his buds, claiming that he and Kylie are expecting a girl. On Saturday night, she stepped out to attend a iHeartRadio concert with Travis in tow and, while no comment was made officially, Jenner seemed to be showing all the signs of a woman who’s giving birth in the not-too-distant future.

Kylie Jenner Attends Las Vegas Concert Following Pregnancy News

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Hitting up the concert in Las Vegas, TMZ says that Kylie was seen sporting some seriously loose-fitting threads upon her arrival at the venue. This has been a trademark of hers as of late, but such an outfit has only fueled the speculation that she is indeed an expectant mother. French Montana, who’s had a monster year on the strength of his Swae Lee-assisted single “Unforgettable,” hung with the Kardashian family member and some other celebrities backstage before going out to perform the track live. In the clip that was uploaded to Instagram, it’s difficult to make out if Kylie’s baby bump is showing underneath the baggy T-shirt she was wearing, but the quick pan away from her might indicate that she didn’t want to stay on camera for an extended period of time.

Lost in the media cycle’s updating of this story has been the reaction from Tyga, Kylie’s former boyfriend and another high-profile star in the hip-hop world. After joking about his status as the child’s actual father, he got all tight-lipped about the situation, refusing to comment to a TMZ employee about his ex’s pregnancy. Whether his lack of an opinion or voice on the matter was meant in a positive or negative light, we still don’t have any exact statement that can quantify Tyga’s thoughts.

Kylie and Travis’ baby is supposedly due in February.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Attends Las Vegas Concert Following Pregnancy News