The Game Wants Fan Input On His New Album

The Game is taking requests.

BYMitch Findlay
The Game Wants Fan Input On His New Album

For the most part, The Game had a relatively low key 2017, opting to take a lengthy break from both social media and music. However, at the onset of 2018, the Compton rapper has emerged from his self-imposed hiatus to inform fans he's working on a new album. Game shared a behind the scenes clip of a studio session between him and Wu-Tang legend Raekwon, which may very well be part of Game's as-of-yet untitled project; while the footage does feature a brief snippet of Rae's verse, it largely focuses on Game breaking down the similarities between Ice Cube and Kendrick Lamar. 

And while Game has already collaborated with basically every rapper, he has something different in store for his upcoming album. In a lengthy caption, Game reflects on his career - past, present and future - stating:

" here we are..... in the golden years of what has been an amazing career to say the least.... this is the process I enjoy the most.... THE BEGINNING of a new project, new energy, new concept, new feel. I have a history of amazing projects & my body of work speaks for itself... my beat selection is impeccable & my bars... well, my fans know my track record.... so, get ready to take yet another ride down victory lane as I start a new project today.... "

Clearly, Game is in a good head-space, and seems intent on dropping another solid addition to his discography. In the same post, he addressed his fans, requesting them to suggest potential collaborators in the comments section:

"to my fans, my TRUE, CORE FANS: let me know what you want to hear & toss ideas out on which producers & artist you want to see & hear me work with & I will mix that with my own thoughts & create something magical.... I owe you guys everything in the world for the endless love & support... I thank you, now let’s fuckin get it !!!!!!!!! [🎥 @drepic] shout my big brother @raekwon for the boss convo & the vibe"

Suffice it to say, The Game seems ready to deliver something big, and it's cool to see him leveling directly with his fans. 50 Cent, Eminem, Drake, Migos, Dr. Dre, and Lil Wayne are a few names thrown around, so if you want to add your voice to the discourse, hit up Game's IG page below.

The Game Wants Fan Input On His New Album
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