After being featured on a bunch of hit singles with the likes of Yo Gotti (“Rake It Up”) and Future (“You Da Baddest”) this year, Nicki Minaj is entering what will be a very interesting phase of her career. She’s been hard at work on an upcoming full-length studio project that has been shrouded in secrecy up until this point but, in a new interview with Dazed, she’s promising fans that something big is on the horizon.

 “This era will be a billion times more epic than anything ‘Anaconda’ could have delivered,” Nicki said. “I think this era will definitely be the most memorable and the most impactful of my career yet.” Those are big shoes to fill, since “Anaconda is by far the most successful track of the rapper’s career, rising all the way up to the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, with only Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” preventing it from going to the top spot. The good thing for fans is that Minaj is taking great care with that she releases next and is refusing to put any sort of hard deadline on the material, in terms of a release date. “I can’t say if I’m fifty-per-cent, eighty-per-cent or ten-per-cent done, because I don’t know,” she continued. “Tomorrow, I might walk into the studio and decide that I don’t like anything I’ve done in the last six months. Or, tomorrow I might walk in and feel like the whole album is done. There’s so much beauty in not knowing.”

Even without any roll out specifics, Nicki Minaj did confirm that Young Thug will be among the collaborators she’s working with on her new album. Not only that, apparently she was more than impressed by what the Atlanta native brought to the table. “[I was] so blown away,” the rapper added, speaking very highly of Thugger’s artistry. “I can’t wait for people to hear that collaboration.”

While the world waits for her new project to reach completion, Minaj seems to be enjoying life with her rumored new beau, rap legend Nas. Both from the same part of New York, the pair were recently spotted riding around in the Illmatic emcee’s newest birthday gift: a customized Benz. You can see pictures from that epic day out here.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Says Young Thug Collaboration Will Be Part Of "Epic" New Era