Nicki Minaj and recent birthday boy Nas have been a rumored romantic item for several months now and, over the weekend, it looks like they weren't shy about being seen in that kind of light, especially when you've got a vintage whip involved.

Hip-hop's new favorite boos were spotted out and about in the Big Apple on Sunday (September 17th), picking up what turned out to be quite the eye-catching birthday gift for the Illmatic rapper. The piece of automotive excellence that was the center of social media pictures and videos shared by both rappers is a 1988 custom-made 190E Mercedes Benz, painted a brilliant white and featuring some really nice chrome detailing on the body as well as the rims. Nas gave a shout to the man behind the car collab, Will Jones, one of the biggest names in car customization who has also helped artists like Fat Joe, Jason Derulo and DJ Khaled ride around in nothing short of the best.

Included in the photo shoot around the car was a spotlight on the "Esco" name plate, as well as the premium JBL sound system that was installed in the truck. In fact, Mr. Jones' previous hit song "Hate Me Now" sounds really, really good coming out of those speakers. It's a pretty legit setup, the kind of man and car combination that could pique the interest of a diva of Minaj's stature. She added to the picture-taking fun around the new ride as well, posing for a sexy selfie in the passenger seat, no doubt making more than a few men envious in the process.

The trouble is that neither of them have actually confirmed that they're dating at the moment, although it sure looks that way. E! News has previously reported that the couple have been dating since May but are still very much in the "getting to know each other" phase. For what it's worth, between the pictures that were taken of them at Nas' big birthday bash last week and these new snaps next to the Benz, Nas and Nicki seem like a romantic match made to hip-hop perfection.

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