Polo G’s Mother Stacia Mac Allegedly Shoots At Daughter In Viral Footage

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Stacia Mac accuses her daughter Leilani of leaking the disturbing footage online, though she denies this.

Today, Ring camera footage of a disturbing incident involving Polo G's mother Stacia Mac and her daughter Leilani is going viral. In the footage, Stacia can be seen heading out the front door with a firearm and firing off multiple shots. Stacia confirmed this in various posts on her Instagram Story today, claiming that she never had any intentions to hurt Leilani. According to her, she was simply firing off warning shots in an attempt to get Leilani to leave the property. Due to the upsetting nature of the footage, it will not be included in this article.

Moreover, Stacia accuses her daughter of leaking the footage. “And now yall want to know how she got the video. I sent it to her dad because she lied to him and said I shot at her 16 times,” she wrote. Leilani denies this, however, alleging that her mother sent the footage to friends who leaked it. “How can I leak a video from someone’s personal ring camera that only they have access to?” she asked on Twitter. “Someone I’m not contact with? After two months? YOU personally sent the video out thinking it was funny and your homies leaked it to the blogs! Take accountability!!!!”

Stacia Mac Breaks Her Silence On Viral Footage

Fortunately, Leilani says that she's doing well after the frightening incident. "Yall I promise that I am OKAY lol. I’m honestly extremely proud of myself and have been in the best space mentally, physically, and emotionally! I’m over 40 days alcohol free as well! I wouldn’t dare compromise my healing journey and publicize something so embarrassing for all parties involved! Although triggering I will not let this derail my progress AT ALL! I’ve come too far! I feel too good," she Tweeted today.

What do you think of Polo G's mother Stacia Mac allegedly running after her daughter Leilani with a gun? What about her breaking her silence after the footage went viral? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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