Monica McNutt Clarifies Her WNBA Comments On Shannon Sharpe's Podcast

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2023 Hashtag Sports Conference
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 14: Monica McNutt speaks during the 2023 Hashtag Sports Conference on June 14, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Hashtag Sports)
Monica McNutt sets the record straight.

In a heated conversation on Monday's First Take, Monica McNutt and Stephen A. Smith discussed how the WNBA has been covered by the media. Before long, the media's general coverage of the sport had shifted. This discussion was sparked by Saturday's much-talked-about Chicago Sky vs. Indiana Fever game, in which Sky player Chennedy Carter committed a hard foul on Caitlin Clark that almost crossed the line into dirty play. McNutt expressed her dissatisfaction with the way the WNBA has been covered this season, pointing out that because of Clark's fame, media outlets who haven't previously covered the league are suddenly becoming interested.

In a swift reply, Stephen A. said that First Take had "more coverage than anyone" of the sport. In response, McNutt attacked First Take, claiming that Smith and the program "could have been doing this three years ago" before Clark increased the sport's appeal. Stephen A. Smith did not take the dig well. He has since gone in on Monica McNutt, saying that she owes him all of her success as well as all the other women that appear on First Take. Last night on Shannon Sharpe's late-night podcast, McNutt clarified her position.

Monica McNutt Discusses Stephen A. Smith Incident

The argument brought up by McNutt's objections is intriguing. Given Clark's celebrity status, how many talk programs across several networks, including First Take, have exaggerated the event between Chennedy Carter and Caitlin Clark beyond its true significance? In an interview with Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson for the Nightcap podcast, McNutt expanded on her views on the subject, stating that she thinks the media has made it seem "unfair" that most WNBA players are against Clark. She said, “I think what I was frustrated with in our conversation earlier is that we can hold more than one truth. The idea of some players being jealous (of Clark)? Yes, that probably exists. But I think since Caitlin’s debut, there has been a large and loud push that it’s Caitlin versus the (WNBA). And that is unfair."

Monica continued, "I mean, would you be jealous of someone who got a $28 million shoe deal before they ever stepped foot in the pros? I just need all of us to do a better job holding room for multiple truths. The prevailing idea that it is the WNBA versus Caitlin and that these women don’t understand the power of the eyeball she’s brought to the league. That’s just unfair.” Monica just wants the discussion to be less black and white and to look at the entire picture instead of just one lens. Overall, Monica McNutt continues to be right. We will see if Stephen A. has a rebuttal.


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