Azealia Banks Asks Kendrick Lamar Why He Let 6ix9ine Say The N-Word

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The "212" rapper isn't done with Dot.

Azealia Banks does not like Kendrick Lamar. She's been one of the most vocal critics of the Compton rapper during his battle with Drake. She thinks Lamar is wildly overrated, and has repeatedly accused him of being "obsessed" with Drake. The battle between the two rappers came to an end (for now, at least), with many declaring Lamar the winner. This has not stopped Banks from continuing to hate on social media, however. She sent another shot K. Dot's way on May 20, and it had to do with one of his major Drake critiques.

Lamar attacked Drake's use of the N-word on his diss, "Euphoria." The song even ended with the refrain: "We don't wanna hear you say n**ga no more." Banks took this talking point and turned it against Lamar by pointing out his unwillingness to gate keep the word from other rappers. Particularly those who aren't African American, like Six9ine. "Sidebar tho…. deadasss….," she wrote. "Where was Kendrick when there was a gay Mexican in a rainbow lacefront running around saying n**ga?? Lmao."

Azealia Banks Calls Kendrick Lamar A Hypocrite

Banks went on to claim that Lamar doesn't have the number of classic songs that Drake does. "Do Kendrick know he doesn't have a 'oh you fancy huh,' nor a 'passionfruit,' or anything but small sneaker rage to give us LOL," she added. But wait, there was more. In a second tweet, the "212" rapper poked fun at Kendrick Lamar further by claiming he has a crush on Drake. "What's reallllllllllllly behind the beef??," she asked. "Who got a crush on who?"

Azealia Banks isn't the first person to point out 6ix9ine's frequent use of the N-word. Charlamagne tha God questioned 6ix9ine on the topic during a Breakfast Club interview, and the rapper felt that he had a right to say it because it was part of his upbringing. "It’s the way I talk," he asserted. "You know what I’m saying? It’s not like oh sh*t I’m not African American, I’m not dark skin I can not say this, I can’t say it... It’s just vocabulary." Ironically, 6ix9ine has been charged for exhibiting the same predatory behavior that Lamar accused Drake of on "Not Like Us."

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