DJ Akademiks Claims Kendrick Lamar Wears Heels And Fans Are Not Happy

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Fans roasted Ak in the comment section.

DJ Akademiks is anti-Kendrick Lamar. He admitted that Lamar won the Drake battle, but he's not been happy about it. He takes shots at the Compton rapper whenever he can, but his latest attempt did not go according to plan. Ak tried to blow up Lamar's spot on Instagram by compiling photos of Lamar wearing heels and/or lifts in his shoes. Instead of laughing with Ak, however, the comment section turned on the internet personality and laughed at him.

The Instagram post was made on Akademiks' second account, DJ Akademiks TV. The caption read: "Fans are speechless after learning Kendrick Lamar wears high heels," and the photos next to it are close ups of the rapper's shoes over the years. To be fair to Akademiks, it does indeed look like Lamar has lifts. Not "heels," like the caption claims, but shoes with lifts. The Compton rapper is 5'5" after all, as we know from Drake's "Push Ups." (We also know Dot wears a size seven mens, which, again, is due to Drizzy.)

DJ Akademiks Got Cooked In The Comments

It was the wording of the post, and the transparent reasoning for making it, however, that annoyed fans. They proved that they were not speechless, as they flooded the comment section with insults for DJ Ak. Many pointed out that the internet personality should not be throwing insults at others, given the crimes he was recently accused of. Akademiks is currently being accused of sexual assault and defamation in a lawsuit filed by Fauziya Abashe.

"LOL," one Instagram user wrote. "We still haven’t forgotten about your lawsuit." Another repurposed a line from Lamar's number one single, "Not Like Us," and used it against DJ Akademiks. "Ak gotta weird case," they commented. "Why is he around?" Lawsuits notwithstanding, other users simply felt that DJ Akademiks was embarrassing himself by trying to make Kendrick Lamar look bad. "Just stop AK," a user wrote. "Please, man reaching for any type of Kendrick slander he can grasp on to." This was not the win DJ Akademiks thought it was going to be. He should probably stick to dragging Meek Mill on Twitch.

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