JT Calls Out Even More Rappers On Extended Version Of "Okay"

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Lil Baby & Friends In Concert - Atlanta, GA
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 12: JT of the group City Girls performs at Lil Baby & Friends in Concert at State Farm Arena on December 12, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)
The City Girls rapper had more to get off her chest.

JT had more to say. The City Girls rapper caused quite a stir when she dropped her single "Okay." The lyrics saw her take aim at a very specific peer, but she didn't name names, so fans were unsure of who she meant. The target was whittled down to either Cardi B or Sukihana. The former didn't bother saying anything, and the latter addressed the situation over social media. JT didn't like that. She took Sukihana to task for not asking her in private, and proceeded to insult her several times via X (formerly Twitter).

Now, JT has an extended version of "Okay." The rapper felt like she didn't quite nail the aggressiveness of the original, so she added additional bars. To nobody's surprise, they are mean-spirited. The City Girls rapper doesn't include names again, but they once again register as pointed. "Ain't no way I'm ever layin' down for you stank h*es," she raps on the new version. "Tell these b*tches why you really mad. Cuse you said I couldn't do it, look at my black a*s." It's obvious that all the speculation and fan attention only gave JT more incentive to up the ante, and that's exactly what she does here.

JT Calls Out 3 Specific Rappers Out Of "Boredom"

"Y'all h*es know you can't f*ck with me," JT adds. "That's why y'all in a huddle trying to see how y'all can f*ck with me." The rapper then clarifies that she has lots of time to go to war with whoever wants to heed the call. She went as far as to describe herself as bored, and ready for the smoke. "I clapped back in the air cuse a b*tch bored," she asserted. The hardest-hitting line, though, is towards the end of the verse, when JT decides to be specific and vague at the same time.

She calls out three specific targets without mentioning names, but it seems like these targets know who they are. And they don't intimidate JT for a second. "To be clear h*e, this for you, you and you (p**sy)," she tauntingly raps. "You ain't a threat or a f*cking goon. City Cinderella coming soon." City Cinderella is the name of JT's upcoming solo album, and frankly, she's doing a great job of drumming up attention. It is the year of the rap beef, so what better way to get eyes on your project?

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