Kendrick Lamar Copyright Strikes Edited Version Of "Meet The Grahams"

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The BRIT Awards 2018, The O2, London, UK, Wednesday 21 Feb 2018
Kendrick Lamar performs 'Feel' and 'New Freezer' on stage at The BRIT Awards 2018 Show, The O2, London, UK, Wednesday 21 Feb 2018. (Photo by JMEnternational/Getty Images)
Dot isn't going to censor himself.

Kendrick Lamar is standing by what he said. "Meet the Grahams" was one of the most devastating diss songs ever put out. Over a haunting Alchemist beat, Lamar laid into his opponent, Drake, and laid out all the reasons why the Toronto rapper is a phony. He addressed Drake's son and both his parents, but the biggest revelation came in the song's third verse. Lamar addressed an unnamed daughter, claiming the rapper has an 11-year-old that he has neglected to raise since rising to fame. It was a shocking moment, and one that's been looked at with a lot of scrutiny.

Many claim Lamar is making the daughter up. Some have even posited that Drake fed the rapper's camp bad information in an attempt to bait him. There's been no evidence to prove either theory. Fans have to decide what the truth is for themselves.

Some are so put off by the so-called "lie" Lamar told, that they went the extra mile and took the third verse out of "Meet the Grahams." Rap Radar's Elliot Wilson uploaded an edited version of the song on May 8. Lamar was not a fan of this change, however.

Kendrick Lamar Removed A Version With Omitted Lyrics

The rapper filed a copyright violation against the edited version of "Meet the Grahams." It was quickly taken down from social media platforms. Punch, Lamar's former label mate at Top Dawg Entertainment, criticized the very concept of the edited version. He reposted Wilson's tweet with a question for the journalist. "Why would you request for it to be edited anyway," he asked. "Did you ask for edits on anything else?"

Kendrick Lamar's decision to take down the edited "Meet the Grahams" was no accident. The rapper has been very hands-on with song rollout over the last few months. He removed the copyrights for his Drake disses, meaning content creators who review "Meet the Grahams" or "Not Like Us" can profit from their videos. This was an unprecedented move, and one that earned Lamar lots of praise from online creators. It's obvious the censoring of his work is not something he's willing to tolerate, however.

The version of "Meet the Grahams" without mention of Drake's daughter is no more. All that remains is the rapper's original, brutal version.

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