Ryan Garcia Makes Diddy Joke After Testing Positive For PED’s

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Celebrity Sightings In Miami Beach - April 23, 2024
MIAMI BEACH, FL - APRIL 23: Ryan Garcia is seen out for a walk with Grace Boor on April 23, 2024 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by MEGA/GC Images)
Ryan Garcia still has jokes despite it all.

Ryan Garcia has recently been taking the world by storm. Throughout the promo for his anticipated face-off with Devin Haney, the boxer displayed some erratic behavior. Garcia drew eyes to himself with his outlandish behavior and bold claims throughout the lead-up to the fight. Despite seeming like he wasn't in the right headspace, Garcia handled Haney easily. Garcia won the fight in dominant fashion. Although, he could not take Haney’s WBC belt because he was overweight for the fight. Now, news has come out that he tested positive for a banned substance before the fight. Overall, His big win may have taken a big hit in credibility.

Garcia reportedly tested positive for the banned drug Ostarine on April 19, the day before the fight, and on April 20, during his post-fight evaluation. Following the victory, Garcia said that his erratic behaviors were all a part of a larger scheme to "troll" Haney and boxing fans. Now, the battle will probably be reverted to a no contest if the test results prove to be positive. Garcia was already overweight for the fight, which made the result slightly murky. Now, positive results for PEDs throw even more dirt on his landmark victory. Garcia, in character, responded with jokes.

Garcia Says Diddy Paid For The Results In PED Response

Ryan Garcia jokingly tweeted that Diddy paid for the positive test results. In his rebuttal video for the PED accusations, Garcia is adamant he is not a cheater. He also questions the fact that since they apparently knew before the fight, they still let him step into the ring. The easy answer to that is money. Calling off the fight would have cost a substantial amount of money for a fight that needed to happen for everyone involved. Garcia says he is not a cheater and that he legit “whooped” Devin Haney in their matchup.

Whether the tests are legit or not, the excitement from the fight is still going strong. Garcia is keeping his ridiculous persona going, and fans are eating it up. This just might make a rematch even more likely. Fans already want to see another fight with the WBC title on the line for real this time. Overall, this new wrinkle in the saga might be the first step we see to a rematch between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney Materialize. Hopefully, we will get some confirmation soon; until then, Ryan Garcia will surely be acting like a fool on social media. 


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