Are Druski & Rubi Rose Dating? A Look At Their Instagram Posts

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Rubi Rose and Druski appear to be in love but one can't be too sure until they confirm they are an item.

Should Rubi Rose and Druski be taken seriously, or are they just trolling? That has been the question on many fans' lips since the pair sparked dating rumors via their flirty social media posts. One reason some fans find it hard to believe is Druski's background. He is an actor and comedian who became famous thanks to his sketches on Coulda Been Records. Druski has also appeared on several rappers' music videos, including Drake, Jack Harlow, and Lil Yachty. Meanwhile, Rubi Rose is a rapper and model, most famous for dating rapper DDG.

Rubi Rose and DDG's relationship didn't turn out well, as he is now dating singer Halle Bailey, with whom he shares a son, Halo. Although Rubi Rose has a painful past with a relationship, that doesn't mean she and Druski won't work out. Let's take a look at the Instagram posts that sparked the Rubi Rose and Druski dating rumors.

April 21, 2024: Druski Sparks Relationship Rumors With Rubi Rose

The Rubi Rose and Druski dating rumors began on April 21, when the comedian shared a picture of himself and the rapper on his Instagram page. The photo was taken while the pair vacationed at a beach. In the snapshot, Druski and Rubi posed under palm trees and looked love-struck. Druski caressed Rubi's head, peering into her soul as he looked at her. Meanwhile, Rubi wrapped her arm around Druski's leg and looked at him with so much love, smiling as she did.

In the post's caption, Druski hinted at him and Rubi being a couple by writing, "DRUBI ❤️." Rubi fueled the flames further with her comment on Druski's post. She wrote, "You love me huh baby." The post sparked wild reactions from fans who wondered what could be going on between the two.

April 21, 2024: Rubi Rose Shares More Pictures From Vacation

With fans still trying to figure out if Rubi Rose and Druski were an item, the rapper fanned the flames even more. Rubi shared more pictures, apparently from the Dominican Republic beach where she and Druski allegedly were. The photos Rubi shared showed her striking different sexy poses, showing off her curves and cleavage in a one-piece bikini. Although Druski didn't appear in any of the pictures, Rubi's caption to the pose hinted at her and the comedian having a wild time at the beach. She wrote, "Ever made love on an island?"

April 24, 2024: Druski Agrees With Rubi Rose On Instagram

Rubi shared pictures of herself having fun during different outings in Los Angeles, California. Again, Druski wasn't featured in any of the snaps. However, Rubi's caption to the post and Druski's comment was enough to convince fans the pair were an item. Rubi captioned the post, "My n*gga think I'm perfect 😇," to which Druski commented, "💯."

April 26, 2024: Druski Shares Another Picture Of Himself & Rubi

On April 26, Druski shared several pictures of himself having fun with his friends. The third snap in the post showed an intimate moment with him and Rubi. In the picture, Druski wrapped his arms around Rubi while standing behind her. Rubi smiled as she held on to Druski's hands lovingly. The "lovebirds" were indoors this time around and posed in front of a foosball table. Druski didn't reference Rubi in his caption, which read, "[Two] things ima always do: KEEPA STUD AROUND & STAND ON BINESSSS."

Present Day: Is "Drubi" A Thing?

Neither Rubi Rose nor Druski have confirmed that they are dating. However, many fans on social media believe they are an item or at least on their way to becoming one. While the pair received support for their relationship, there is still skepticism. Druski has a history of being flirty with female artists. For instance, he shot his shot at Ice Spice during an appearance on the Club Shay Shay podcast and Instagram Live. Also, he was allegedly previously linked to Halle Bailey's sister, Chloe Bailey, and appeared in her music video for the song "For the Night."

There are also suggestions that Rubi Rose and Druski's continued presence on each other's social media could be a PR stunt or a hint that she would appear in one of his skits. Whatever the case is, it may take confirmation from the rumored lovers to prove they are an item. Only time will tell if Drubi is a thing or not.

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