Wiz Khalifa is undoubtedly one of the biggest stoners in hip hop. While he’s been known for smoking weed as long as he’s been known for making music, it seems like it’s a right of passage to smoke one with the Pittsburgh stoner. Most rappers claim they’re able to handle their smoke but Wiz Khalifa seems to be the biggest chiefer of them all. A good chunk of rappers have shared stories about getting high with Wiz and often times, Wiz is the one to out smoke them. The duo, The Cool Kids, share a similar story to that. 

In our latest episode of “How To Roll” with The Cool Kids, Sir Michael Rocks detailed an interesting story about Wiz Khalifa. During Wiz’ early days circa Kush & Orange Juice, Sir Michael Rocks says that the rapper stopped in Chicago as part of his tour. Upon Wiz’ arrival in the city, Rocks says he hit Wiz up for some weed. As he came through with an ounce to his tour bus after his show, Wiz Khalifa pulled out a paper that was as long as a RAW rolling tray and started twisting it up.

“He pull out a candle stick size paper. We grinded up damn-near half the ounce and he dumped it on that bitch. And then he just started rolling it up,” Rocks said.

He later detailed that is was a “breakfast sausage, andouille sausage thick ass joint.”

“We sitting down and we fire that bitch up and we get to smoking…You gotta hold it like a trombone or some shit because it was so long it started collapsing on it’s own weight.” Rock said, “About three hours pass by and I’m like ‘where the fuck we at?’ and he’s like ‘We’re still on the bus fam. We gotta get off, I gotta go perform.’ He still hadn’t even performed yet.” 

While Rocks was surely high as hell, it seems to be a regular day for Wiz Khalifa. Rocks said that despite the two of them being extremely high, Wiz Khalifa still put on a great Kush & Orange Juice set. 

Watch the full video below: