Benzino Claims Joe Budden Backed Out Of A Boxing Match After He "Ran His Mouth"

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Celebrity Boxing Miami 2021 - Weigh In
MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 01: Benzino attends the Celebrity Boxing Weigh In at James L. Knight Center on October 1, 2021 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images)
Benzino wants the smoke with Joe Budden in a boxing ring.

Benzino is synonymous with hip-hop beef. The former publisher of The Source magazine is best known for his long-standing battle with Eminem and Shady Records, and has continued to pick fights with artists ever since. It's just what he does. Benzino recently hopped on Instagram Live and took aim at another (former) Shady Records signee, Joe Budden. The media mogul claims he was supposed to have a boxing match against Budden, but the latter backed out.

Benzino vs. Budden might sound like a throwback to the aughts, the boxing match was supposed to happen this year. The ex-publisher claimed that he threatened to break Budden's jaw, and the former rapper told him he'd accept the challenge. "We got in touch with celebrity boxing," he explained. "I was on the phone with Joe’s manager Ian and they backed out the fight." The Source mastermind saw the decision as a sign of weakness, and proceeded to trash talk Budden further. "Joe ran his mouth and he backed out the fight," he added. "He must have been thinking about that straw that he was going to be sipping out of."

Joe Budden Clowned Benzino For Being "Old"

Budden, who's best known as an internet personality these days, had plenty to say about Benzino on his self-titled podcast. He asserted that getting in the ring would be a very "bad idea" for Benzino, who is 15 years older. “Old n****s shouldn’t do that," he noted. "He do too much s**t that old n****s shouldn’t do." Furthermore, Budden clowned Benzino for getting dissed by Eminem on the recent song "Doomsday, Pt. 2." Budden and Eminem have had a contentious relationship since the former left Shady Records, but he joked that Benzino's antics actually has him on Eminem's side yet again. "Now me and Em on the same side — look what you did," he said.

All jokes aside, Budden dismissed the match as an attempt to get more attention. He told his podcast listeners that he's never had an issue with Benzino before, so the notion of him being threatened and then being offered a boxing match was a "horrible" idea. "I ain’t never had a problem with Benzino, but Benzino do make being 50 look corny," Budden concluded. It looks as though the ex-publisher is going to have to refocus his attention on Eminem, who he also challenged to a celebrity boxing match. Unsurprisingly, the Detroit rapper has not even acknowledged the challenge.


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