Young Thug Trial: Attorney Spat Gets Out Of Hand, Sheriff's Deputy Intervenes

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The judge demanded that both attorneys "take it down a notch."

Day 42 of Young Thug's RICO trial kicked off earlier today, and unfortunately, it's already been just as chaotic as one would expect. Clearly, the pressure is on for everyone involved, as the rapper could be facing a life sentence if convicted. According to a new Twitter/X post by legal reporter Meghann Cuniff, tensions were high in the courtroom today. In fact, they were so high that a sheriff's deputy felt the need to get involved.

In a clip from Cuniff's stream, two attorneys are seen arguing, when one of them insists she get an opportunity to speak without being interrupted. As things began to escalate, a nearby sheriff's deputy stepped forward toward the attorneys, looking prepared to step in if necessary. The judge then encouraged both of them to "take it down a notch." He later reprimanded Adriane Love. "I know you're being an advocate," he said, also telling her, "At some point, stop. Just stop. I made my ruling, good, bad, or indifferent to you. You're gonna win some you're gonna lose some."

Drama In The Courtroom

Earlier this month, Young Thug's defense team filed a motion for the rapper's lyrics and music videos to be removed from evidence. They cited a recent, unrelated murder conviction that was overturned by the Georgia Supreme Court. In 2022, Morgan Baker was accused of shooting a security guard at a nightclub and convicted of malice murder, felony murder, and aggravated assault.

In their ruling, the court said that showing his music video in court portrayed Baker as a "threatening gunman" with a "predisposition to gun violence." Young Thug and his team hope that a similar ruling will also be made in his case. What do you think of two attorneys getting into a heated argument during Young Thug's RICO trial today? What about the sheriff's deputy stepping in? Are you surprised? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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