It’s been six months since Lil Uzi Vert released “XO Tour Llif3”. Since then, the song has formed a life of its own and has completely dominated the charts, playlists and pretty much everything in between. While it took roughly the same amount of time to release the visuals for the song, it continues to maintain a position on the Billboard 100. The song is undoubtedly his most popular joint so far, reaching roughly 1.3 billion audio and video streams since it first dropped. While the cultural impact that the song has helped launch his career to another height, it turns out that his single has also helped him make some serious bank off of its success.

In a report from Vulture, they say that industry insiders have said that the song is expected to rake in $4.5 million for his record label, Atlantic Records, with $900,000 going directly into Lil Uzi’s pockets. It’s quite the amount to make off of a single song. 

After the song was officially placed on major streaming services, playlist curator and hip hop’s most influential Spotify playlist, RapCaviar, featured the song which helped the song get exposed to its 7.5 million followers. The inclusion of “XO Tour Llif3” gave the song a major boost in streams and shortly after that, the song became inescapable. The song itself has received some major accomplishments at well. Right now, “XO Tour Llif3” has gone triple platinum since it’s release. 

The success of the song alone has garnered him the mainstream success most people were expecting him to reach earlier in his career. He ended up landing “Song of the Summer” for “XO Tour Llif3” at the MTV Video Music Awards as well as performing a stripped-down rendition of the song alongside British singer, Ed Sheeran. During his acceptance speech, he told his fans that he’d be bringing the Moonman along with him on tour for his fans to touch “because you guys helped me get it.”

While Uzi has definitely made his mark this past year, this is simply the beginning. In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, he mentioned that he’d be pursuing a rock album after he dropped Luv Is Rage 2.