Shannon Sharpe Unintentionally Roasts Kai Cenat's Height In Rant About Dunk Contest

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Shannon always says the most hilarious things.

If the NBA wants the All-Star weekend to have the same buzz and aura it once did, then things need to change. The players just do not seem to care in the slightest, as there are no stakes whatsoever. It seems the game on Sundays is always the most critiqued event there is, especially due to the number of stars on the floor. Fans and sports talk figures alike agree that having them actually play hard would solve a lot of the problems around the weekend. Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A. Smith shared their harsh opinions on it all on their broadcast today. One of the funniest moments from the entire discussion was when Shannon Sharpe unintentionally roasted Kai Cenat.

The inadvertent diss came up during the ex-NFL legend's views on the Dunk Contest. Both he and SAS agreed that Mac McClung deserved to win again after capturing the fans hearts last year. He took down Boston Celtic Jaylen Brown after his questionable run to the final round. Shannon was surprised at how far he got considering how mediocre his dunks were. That is when Kai Cenat caught a stray bullet.

Shannon Sharpe Is Funny On Accident

Sharpe went on about how former contests and ones last night were jumping over taller players than themselves. Then, he got to Brown. "Jaylen Brown jumped over Kai Cenat sitting in a seat. What am I supposed to do with that Stephen A. They should have given him a two across the board. The man is already three feet tall, you put him in a chair now he 1'5"." Sharpe just seems to say the funniest things intentionally or not at the funniest times. Surely, this will get around to the streamer so stay with us for his soon-to-be viral reaction.

What are your thoughts on Shannon Sharpe "roasting" Kai Cenat in First Take's debate about NBA All-Star weekend? How do you think the streamer will respond if he does? Do you think Mac McClung deserved to win the Dunk Contest, why or why not? Is the weekend fixable, or should the get rid of it and why? We would like to hear what you have to say, so be sure to leave your takes in the comments section. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Shannon Sharpe, Kai Cenat, and the NBA. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on around the worlds of sport and pop culture.

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