Shalon Jackson Responds To Mo'Nique Posting Their Old Texts

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The Bridge Comedy Show: Mo'Nique, Nephew Tommy & Rodney Perry
STOCKBRIDGE, GEORGIA - OCTOBER 14: Comedian Mo'Nique performs onstage during The Bridge Comedy Show at Stockbridge Amphitheater on October 14, 2023 in Stockbridge, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)
The feud between mother and son continues.

Shalon Jackson has once again responded to Mo'Nique after his mother posted screenshots of three-year-old text messages between them. "I guess the intelligent thing to do when assuming your son is having a mental episode is post personal messages that are three years old," Jackson said on TikTok.

Many fans had agreed that Mo'Nique's behavior had gone beyond the pale. They expressed their dismay when she posted the text message earlier this week. "Monique these texts are 3 years old most of which you’re missing his calls and never calling him back. Why is that?" one person asked. "As a mother of a young adult son- whom I often disagree with, I think it’s the ultimate violation to post intimate discussions between you and he. A group of people you do not know- do NOT need to know your son’s credit issues, the plans for their midwifery or what they ate for dinner. You do not have to do this. You do not owe anyone any more details than has already been given. Your son expressed that you have violated his boundaries as your child. He also expressed that you care more about fame than motherhood. Your posture and your response has dictated that he was correct in his assessment," another fan wrote in a lengthy response.

How Has Mo'Nique Responded To Her Son

As mentioned, Mo'Nique's most recent response to her son was the exposing of text messages from 2020 and 2021. "HEY MY SWEET BABIES. HERE ARE THE RECEIPTS FROM A MOTHER WHO ALLEGEDLY DOES NOT LOVE HER SON. WE ARE SHARING THIS WITH YOU SHALON & THE COMMUNITY! SOME WILL COMPLETELY GET IT OTHERS WON’T. WE LOVE US 4REAL," the comedian wrote on Instagram.

However, before that, she posted a lengthy video calling out her son. Mo'Nique has said she intends to let things "play out" in response to a scathing TikTok made by her eldest son, Shalon. In a three-minute response shared on social media, Mo'Nique preached patience while also addressing some of the specific claims made by her son. Furthermore, her father reminded Shalon of the help that Mo'Nique had provided for him when they last saw him "three years ago".


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