Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett plans to sue the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, stemming from an incident where he was held at gunpoint a few weeks ago, after the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight.

ABC News recently conducted an interview with Bennett and his lawyer John Burris, where they spoke about the events of August 27th, including how Bennett was racially profiled by officers up until they found out he was actually an NFL player.

“I went from being a black man to a football player.”

Burris added, “Unless something changes drastically that we don’t know of, we’re gonna file a lawsuit.”

Check out the footage from his ABC News interview below.

The incident took place in the early hours of August 27th shortly after the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. According to Kevin McMahill, the Undersheriff of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, police received a call around 1:30 am about a possible active shooter who was believed to be somewhere around Drai’s nightclub at the Cromwell casino.

According to Bennett’s description of the events, the Las Vegas police officers threatened to “blow his fucking head off” if he moved. In a message posted on twitter, Bennett said he was later placed in a police car until officers confirmed his identity and released him “without any legitimate justification for the officers’ abusive conduct.”

During a press conference last week, Kevin McMahill, said they’re going to investigate Bennett’s claim that the responding officer threatened to blow his head off. However, he said there’s no evidence that race played any role.

Per CBS Sports,

“I can tell you as I stand here today, I see no evidence of that,” McMahill said. “I see no evidence that race played any role in this incident.”

Michael Bennett

Seahawks' Michael Bennett Plans To Sue Vegas Police: Video