Kanye West Makes Questionable Reference To The Jewish Community On First Track Of "Vultures 1"

"Keep a few Jews on the staff now."

BYBen Mock
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Discourse seekers only needed to look as far as the first track of Vultures 1 to find some questionable content. On "Stars", Kanye West makes an eyebrow-raising reference to the Jewish community. “I’ma come through and just black out/ Just black out/ Keep a few Jews on the staff now/ I cash out," Kanye raps. While not as egregious as a previously heard line about not being anti-Semitic because he had sex with a Jewish woman, the line is likely to incense certain parts of the internet.

Furthermore, it comes less than two months after Kanye apologized to the Jewish community, in Hebrew, for his past antisemitism. “I sincerely apologize to the Jewish community for any unintended outburst caused by my words or actions. It was not my intention to hurt or demean, and I deeply regret any pain I may have caused. I am committed to starting with myself and learning from this experience to ensure greater sensitivity and understanding more in the future. Your forgiveness is important to me, and I am committed to making amends and promoting unity," Kanye wrote on social media.

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Quavo Was Removed From Kanye West's "Fuk Sumn" And Fans Aren't Happy

However, a questionable line about the Jewish community isn't the only thing about Vultures 1 drawing ire. Reports have emerged indicating that Quavo had a verse removed from "Fuk Sumn" on Vultures 1 and fans are not happy. "Quavo verse >Travis verse aside. Ty has NO aura. The aura coming off of quavo is insane next to weak a-- retwist needing a-- Ty," one fan wrote. "I haven’t seen the TL defend quavo like this lol. Seems like Kanye really messed up with removing him on 'FUCK SUM'," added another. "Kanye robbed quavo by taking him off fuk sumn. I don’t give a single f-ck about carti, travis or even kanye’s verse on here, quavo was carrying the song bro 😞 SHYYYYT," a third noted.

Quavo still appears on the album, featuring on the track "Paperwork". However, people really wanted to hear him on "Fuk Sumn", which instead features Playboi Carti and Travis Scott. How do you feel about "Fuk Sumn"? Let us know in the comments.

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