50 Cent Challenges Kai Cenat To Prove He's Good Enough To Appear On "Power"

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The 2023 Streamy Awards - Show
Ray and Kai Cenat at The 2023 Streamy Awards held at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel on August 27, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Polk/Penske Media via Getty Images)

Cenat will have to show that he can really sell a "gangsta" role.

Kai Cenat will have to prove himself talented enough for a role on Power after 50 Cent finally responded to Cenat's request to appear on the show. "We gotta work it out. Look, we gotta make sure you can play the part, though. Look, look, look! It got to look as if shit was expensive. You gotta be dead-ass serious. I want to see you knock something off," Fif told Cenat during a recent FaceTime call while Cenat was streaming.

Cenat first asked Fif for a role on the long-running series after meeting the G-Unit mogul at an NBA game. “Then 50 pulled back up, looking directly at me. This n-gga literally puts his hand on my shoulder — ‘Yo brah, take a picture with my little mans real quick; he f-ck with you,'" Cenat claimed of the interaction at a recent Knicks-Bucks game. “I wasn’t in the moment of time of thinking that you were right there in front of me, but I should’ve asked you, ‘Would you let me on Power, 50?’ So I need everybody to get this video to 50," Cenat added while recounting the meeting.

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Usher Wants Kai Cenat Collab

Meanwhile, someone else who is interested in collab with Cenat is Usher. The hint came as Usher called the widely popular streamer to personally invite him to next month's Super Bowl. Furthermore, Usher also invited Cenat to come to an early listening party for his new album. Cenat was overjoyed about the opportunity and seemed to reciprocate the desire to work with the iconic singer.

Cenat has been making a name for himself throughout 2023 as his star has shone brighter and brighter. This included getting a Christmas present from Ice Spice. The present in question was one of Spice's branded chia pets. While Cenat was very excited to receive a gift from Spice, he was slightly confused by the gift. After closely inspecting the gift, Cenat declared that it didn't look too much like Spice at all. Regardless, he was very happy to have received something from the high-profile rapper.

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