DJ Vlad Criticizes Taraji P. Henson, Faces Roasting From Fans

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"No one wants to hear a millionaire complain that they didn't get more millions," the journalist ranted during an interview with Matt Hoffa.

All kinds of unsavoury behaviour in the entertainment industry is coming to light as of late, from Jeffrey Epstein's infamous list to Taraji P. Henson educating folks on how economic disparity continues to run rampant for her and her contemporaries. She often appears to be booked and busy out of sheer demand for her talent. However, The Color Purple actress says she takes on so many jobs out of necessity to support her team. Many are rallying behind Henson, demanding fair pay for Black women, though DJ Vlad isn't impressed to hear someone with more money than him complaining.

As Hollywood Unlocked reports, the controversial journalist was interviewing frequent guest Matt Hoffa when he went off on a rant about the beloved entertainer. "Here’s the bigger problem, no one wants to hear a millionaire complain that they didn’t get more millions. You’re already a millionaire," the VladTV founder said. "Taraji lives in a $6 million house and she’s worth $12 million. Nobody wants to hear Vlad complain about money.

Taraji P. Henson Under Fire for Speaking on Entertainment Industry's Pay Disparity

As expected, Henson's fans have plenty to say about this. "Nobody wants to hear [White] male opinions on Black American females inequalities 🤦🏽‍♂️," one Instagram comment beneath a video of Vlad's rant reads. "[With] all [due] respect, keep [Black] women out of [your] mouth sir, thank you 👏," someone else urged the content creator.

Instagram Users Clap Back at DJ Vlad

"I'm so [tired] of people not understanding the social/economic disparities Black and Brown people face," another frustrated user vented under @hollywoodunlocked's post. "[Taraji] deserves the same pay and accommodations as White people! She's saying what she's saying for a reason. His comment is disrespectful 💯." Keep scrolling to read more responses, and let us know in the comments if you think DJ Vlad should've used more tact when discussing issues outside of his race in the comments.

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