"Million Dollaz Worth Of Game" A Media Outlet And Not "Just A Podcast," Gillie Da Kid Argues

Gillie felt that people were disrespecting the work he has done.

BYBen Mock
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Gillie Da Kid has hit back at Million Dollaz Worth Of Game being put on lists of Best Black Podcasts. "I never seen the top white podcasts of 2023. I never seen that pop up, because they could just live in they own space. They ain’t in no competition with each other," Gillie Da Kid said. However, he was also irked by the fact that it was even being called a podcast at all. “[W]e not no f-cking podcast, let’s get that right. We one of the biggest media outlets in the f-cking world,” Gillie added.

He also rankled at even having the podcast compared to others. “Can you tell me another podcast that do Gillie and Wallo K.O. parties where you sit 3,000 n-ggas in a arena and do 37,000 pay-per-view buys to see some n-ggas from the streets fight? Do another podcast out there got the fastest-growing fucking energy drink in the world — not in the United States, in the world? So we not no mothaf-ckin’ podcast," Gillie added.

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Fat Joe Roasts Gillie Da Kid For Challenging Jamal Crawford

Meanwhile, Gillie got roasted by Fat Joe back in November for his challenge to Jamal Crawford. “Yo, Gillie gotta stop. Nobody loves Gillie and Wallo more than me, but Gillie one-on-one against Jamal Crawford? I don’t got Gillie scoring two [points]. Gillie from Philly, my brother, talking about how he taking on Jamal Crawford — is he on dust? What they got over there in Philly, the tranq [tranquilizer]. You seen that shit where people be just Zombie’d out. It’s worse! Yeah, Gillie gotta relax," Joe said on Instagram. Furthermore, Joe told Crawford to "break his ankles" in reference to Gillie.

Gillie's challenge originally came on his podcast. "I bet you Jamal Crawford will not accept this challenge one-on-one. I will cook the sh-t [out of him]. Let me just say this, Jamal Crawford is gonna get his baskets — that’s what he do. He cook everybody. But guess who else going in the oven? Jamal fucking Crawford. He gotta guard me. I’m like Bubba Chuck. I know I’m a muthaf-cking liability on muthaf-cking defense, but I’m such a liability on offense that it don’t even f-ckin matter," Gillie bragged. While the Philly rapper has some wins against other musicians in streetball, Crawford is likely going to be a whole other challenge.

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