Jess Hilarious Clowns Kai Cenat For Lil Nas X "J Christ" Criticism

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Jess Hilarious thinks Kai Cenat should have chosen his words more wisely.

Lil Nas X has been met with an outpouring of backlash in recent weeks, with countless critics taking aim at the hitmaker amid his new "Christian Era." He's been using religious imagery, unveiled a single called "J CHRIST," and even announced fake plans to attend a Christian University. Critics are accusing him of disrespecting religion, with some going so far as to dub him a "Satanist."

Despite the tremendous amount of heat coming his way, Lil Nas X maintains that his intention isn't to disrespect anyone. According to him, he also has an entire gospel album in the works, whether haters like it or not. Regardless, disgruntled fans and peers continue to voice their opinions, with streamer Kai Cenat even chiming in recently.

Jess Hilarious Sides With Kai Cenat Amid Lil Nas X Controversy

During a recent stream, he put Lil Nas X on blast, claiming that he's "mocking" God. He made his disapproval extremely apparent, claiming to "hate" the performer and telling him to "eat [his] whole d*ck." While some thought his reaction was a bit much, others agreed with him, including Jess Hilarious. The comedian took to her Instagram Story recently to let Cenat know she's on his side, sharing an article about his extreme response to Lil Nas X's single. She couldn't help but clown the 22-year-old a little in her caption, however.

"I'm witchu KAI," she declared. "But you can't tell a gay n***a to eat ya d*ck bro." Clearly, Jess isn't a fan of Lil Nas X's latest pivot either, but thinks the internet personality should choose his words a bit more wisely next time. What do you think of all the pushback Lil Nas X is getting for his new single? What about Jess Hilarious agreeing with Kai Cenat's take on it? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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