Cam'ron Is Jealous Of Odell Beckham Jr's "Gender Choice And Sexual Liberation," Eboni K. Williams Claims

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Williams took issue with Cam'ron's constant mockery of the wide receiver.

Eboni K. Williams has taken shots at Cam'ron for the It Is What It Is host's recent comments making fun of Odell Beckham Jr on the show. Cam'ron and Ma$e mocked OBJ for his "feminine tendencies". "Jealous of a sense of gender choice and sexual liberation that the Black men of my generation were denied/didn’t have access to," Wiliams wrote on social media. Furthermore, Williams was responding to a comment musing on why Cam'ron and other men of his generation are "obsessed" with how younger men choose to live.

Queerness and perceived "feminine" behavior is a common topic for Cam'ron, especially when it comes to OBJ. In August 2023, Cam'ron used a video of the wide receiver seemingly appreciating his teammate's butts during a segement about Dwight Howard. Cam'ron used the video to argue that queer athletes should be segregated from their straight teammates in locker room scenarios. However, the rapper then claimed that he is not homophobic because he's "got gay relatives". Despte this, he is yet to respond to Williams' comments.

Cam'Ron Has Aggressive Response To Past Queer Theories

Furthermore, Cam'ron has also taken issue with people insinuating that he himself is secretly queer. “You know how long I had to hear, ‘Cam’s gay, he wears pink’? Bring your mother around, n-gga. See if she gives a f-ck, n-gga. See if your mom gives a whole f-ck, n-gga. I’ll tell her how gay I am. I’ll f-ck her in the pink mink,” Cam'ron said on a July 2023 episode of It Is What It Is.

Furthermore, many of Cam'ron's actions on his popular sports talk show could be perceived as him further denying the queer allegations. In November 2023, Kisha Chavis, the wife of ex-NBA player Joe Smith, returned to It Is What It Is for a second time. She came at the request of Ma$e to give Cam'ron a massage live on the show. Furthermore, the move was a throwback to the previous week. Chavis revealed during an interview on Check That Stat that one of her non-OnlyFans side hustles was running a massage business. Killa hyper-fixated on this detail, asking Chavis if she would perform a massage on him.


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