Cam'ron Shoots His Shot With Joe Smith's Wife Amid OnlyFans Drama

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Cam'ron derailed the interview pretty quickly.

Cam'ron raised some eyebrows this week as he hit on the wife of former NBA journeyman Joe Smith on Check Out The Stat. While interviewing Kisha Chavis on the show, Cam'ron intensely honed in on a massage business that Chavis said she also ran. After asking her multiple questions about whether she did the massages herself and whether she would give him a massage, Cam'ron shot his shot. “I don’t mean to be unprofessional or anything like that but I can’t stop looking at your cleavage," the rapper said, referring to the low-cut shirt Chavis was wearing for the interview.

Earlier this week, Chavis broke her silence on the viral video of her ex-husband confronting her after being informed that she ran an OnlyFans account. "It was a decision that I made. I made an executive decision when my man wasn't taking the lead. I really love Joe," Kisha Chavis told TMZ. Elaborating, Chavis said that Smith's mental health had taken a major blow after he left the NBA in 2011. According to Chavis, Smith struggled to come to terms with going from #1 pick to unwanted by any team in the league. Furthermore, she said that while Smith did very little to try and alleviate their financial burdens, she had set up a number of money-making side hustles. However, as the pandemic shut down several of their revenue streams, she explained that she had eventually turned to OnlyFans.

Chad Johnson Voices Support For Chavis

The topic of Chavis' OnlyFans account also found its way onto the agenda of The Nightcap, the show hosted by Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson. While Sharpe, as he often is with the topic of sexuality, was hesitant, Johnson voiced his full-throated support for the idea of his partner doing OnlyFans to help the family's finances. He acknowledged that OnlyFans can be a way to find financial stability in a world where a lot of people increasingly find a lack of it.

It's unsurprising that Johnson would support the notion. Johnson recently revealed that in 1997, while attending Santa Monica College, he worked as a stripper to help pay his bills. “I used to strip at The Right Track, I used to be a dancer. I could tell you cause we family. 1997, I was in LA. My mom was out there but I really couldn’t live with my mama, so I had a place in Santa Monica. Sometimes I was short on my light bill. Them candles, light em. I used to strip. I used to be a dancer. If anybody in the chat is from LA that’s a little bit older, I used to strip at The Right Track. I bullsh-t you not," Johnson told a livestream back in September.


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