Charleston White Discusses Brittany Renner Lap Dance Video, New Footage Revealed

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White revealed he had been "about to "c*m" if Renner hadn't stopped when she did.

During a recent appearance on The Danza Project, Charleston White opened up about the video of Britanny Renner giving him a lap dance that surfaced in late 2023. "She finna about to burst a vein. I was hard like a motherf-cker. I was about to c-m if she didn't stop," White told the show. White's comments were reposted by outlets such as No Jumper alongside new footage of the lapdance itself.

The lapdance itself had also happened on The Danza Project. After some back-and-forth between White and Renner, the controversial YouTuber was taken aback when the social media personality and podcast co-host jumped into his lap to give him a highly-charged dance.

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Charleston White No Longer Interested In Cardi B

However, Renner isn't the only woman that White has spoken on lately. Cardi B's pre-Christmas club outing led White to declare that he was no longer interested in dating the rapper. "I don't like Cardi B no more. She out in the club saying 'f-ck her baby daddy'. First all, that not her baby daddy, that her husband. That b-tch stupid. Why would a woman who be wronged by her husband go be wrong? She was dignified when they were together, why can't she be dignified now? You're somebody. Why you want to go back and be a ratchet, raggedy a-- b-tch and a h-e?" White said to his wife.

The reversal of interest comes after White initially expressed a lot of interest in dating Cardi after news of her split from Offset first emerged. "I f-ck with the Migos. But I sure would like to go on a date with Cardi B. She's fair game now. Why shouldn't I go on a date with Cardi B? Cardi B can I take you out? Listen, we can do a Metaverse date. You go to a restaurant, I go to a restaurant. I used to want twelve gold teeth for Christmas, but I don't want twelve gold teeth no more. I want a three-hour conversation with Cardi B," White said.

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