Cuban Doll’s eye-catching mixtape title is an easily explained one. “My new mixtape is titled Aaliyah Keef ’cause, well Aaliyah is my cute side and she a legend, and Keef is my favorite rapper,” the 19-year-old Dallas rapper told Noisey earlier this year. She’s now shared that very tape, and on first-listen, it’s Sosa’s influence that’s more audible, though her songs can range from Bay Area-influenced bounce (“Don’t Like Me”) to catchy sing-rap (“Flaw Shit”). Most of it keeps the gritty street-wise sense of drill, but hints at many other directions Cuban Doll could go with her career. It features guest appearances from West Coasters Mozzy, OMB Peezy, and SOB x RBE. The tape CB’s Cuban Link project released earlier this year. 

01 Bankrupt
02 Made It Now
03 Tonight (feat. Mozzy & OMB Peezy)
04 Don’t Like Me
05 Unbothered
06 I Heard (feat. SOB x RBE)
07 Trust
08 Racks Up
09 Flaw Shit
10 No Hype
11 Dubs
12 Blue Cheese
13 Walk Thru
14 Realer