Kevin Hart's Former Assistant Makes Bombshell Claims About The Actor In Tasha K Interview

Miesha, who worked for Hart for an unspecified amount of time, had plenty to say about the actor.

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Netflix's "Kevin Hart & Chris Rock: Headliners Only" New York Screening

Kevin Hart's alleged former assistant, Miesha, has sat down with Tasha K for a bombshell interview. Miesha alleged that Hart was a serial adulterer and went as far as to pull up the Instagram of an Instagram model she claimed to have told Hart's wife that Hart was cheating with. Furthermore, Miesha claimed that Hart had gotten a regular steward on his private jet pregnant.

However, the bombshell claims didn't end there. Miesha claimed that Hart had a serious gambling problem and that "poker is his game". According to her, things once got so bad that Hart burned through his payroll and had to pay out half-checks to his various employees. Despite the inflammatory nature of Miesha's comments, the veracity of her claims is yet to be determined. Furthermore, Hart is yet to release a statement about any of the allegations she put forth.

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Kevin Hart Gets NSFW About Injuries

While the rumors from his former assistant are unconfirmed, Hart has been having something of a wild year. Hart suffered a spate of injuries after he attempted to run the 40-yard dash against a former NFL player. However, in the days after going public about his injury, Hart got very graphic about just how messed up his body was. This including talking about what was going on below the belt, not that anyone had asked.

“It’s f-cking bad. My d-ck looks like a thumb. Everything’s swollen," Hart lamented in a video posted soon after he initially showed that he was in a wheelchair. Additionally, the comedian said that his "balls got big as hell" and that he was still currently unable to move his legs. Furthermore, he spoke on the state the injury has left him in. “Look at this shit,” he continued. “You know how long it takes me to get the fuck out of the car? I’m a mess.”

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